Was developed to become a descentralized global payment system out of the control of central banks and governments.

Crypto Investments

Simple solution to make profit with cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Digital Account

Digital account to buy, sell, hold and user Bitcoin, XPCoin and cash.

Crypto Payments

Solution to accept Bitcoin or XPCoin and receive in fiat money.

Apply cryptocurrency and get monthly profits.

We combine the expertise of cryptoassets professionals with technology for advanced cryptocurrency management, specifically Bitcoin.

Our professionals have robots and contracts with various companies in the world that are able to generate profits daily.

Crypto Portfolio

Part of Crypto Investments funds are allocated to the 20 TOP cryptocurrencies in the market.

Trading & Arbitrage

International 24x7 platforms for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies trading and arbitrage.

Business & Loans

We allocate part of the cryptocurrency funds applied in loan business to its clients in Brazil and other countries.

Receive, send, exchange and use Bitcoin and XPCoin.

With the XPay Digital app you can send your crypto investments profits and also receive Bitcoin deposits. Plus you can make transfers, exchange for money, send to bank account and even use to pay with your XPay Digital card.


Bitcoin and XPCoin

XP Coin is a new cryptocurrency to be developed, and the initial Offering will be open exclusively for the XPay customers. It can be used and exchanged in card readers, PoS terminals, exchanges and P2P. Aditionally, it can increase your profit with cryptocurrencies in the coming years.

  • Create a global community

    Creating a global community of over 1 million holders, the currency will be distributed for free to the customers that acquire XPay products and services;
  • Managed Funds

    XPay is different, here money spent on cryptocurrencies will be managed and monetized, unlike new currency projects that have no certainty of delivery.
  • Fund allocation

    At least $ 1,000,000 from revenue must be allocated early in XPCoin development.